Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid, Dry Herb and Waxes in 2017

5 Best Vape Pens Of 2017

Every year that passes brings more innovations and value as vaporizer manufacturers spend more money fine-tuning their products to meet customer demands. It’s a competitive marketplace that benefits us through improved product efficiency, better taste, appealing designs, and increased durability. It also means that there are a lot of choices for us to make, which can be intimidating to someone new to vaping. To help you to make the right decision for yourself, here are five of the best vape pens of 2017.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

This vape pen incorporates unique magnetic parts in its design and a sleek matte-black finish that is sure to catch your eye, but it’s the included atomizer kit that really sets this one apart from the competition. The kit is a comprehensive kit that includes everything that you need to use with your favorite concentrations, from a ceramic heater to dual ceramic rods. Among the best features of this vaporizer that you are sure to love is the different temperature settings.

The Puffco+

The Puffco+ is simply going to change your life. Puffco has built a reputation for themselves for their creative innovations, and this vaporizer continues that trend. It features incredibly effective dab-tool dart tucked away under the mouthpiece and a coil-less oven that distributes your dab so evenly that it produces an outstanding vape cloud while also maintaining the flavor profile of your oil. It’s an innovation that is sure to revolutionize the industry.

Atmos Kiln RA

This ceramic wax vaporizer sets itself apart by its rebuildable atomizer and the smooth, great tasting vapor that it produces. Inhaling the vapor, which is seriously some of the best tastings you’ll ever experience, is very easy because of its low draw resistance. It’s made to have cool colors and aesthetically pleasing designs that would make you think that it is more expensive than it actually is. Compared to others on this list, this vaporizer can work with just about anybody’s budget.

Kandypens Galaxy

Don’t settle for an inexpensive clone, the Kandypens Galaxy is just about the sexiest vaporizer you’ll lay your hands on. It’s the go-to vaporizer for daily use, its titanium coils and quartz wicking producing a powerful hit on the highest settings, and a smooth draw on the lower ones. You’ll be able to use it time and time again, without the worry of it getting clogged, and it comes with a lifetime warranty to boot!

Source orb 4

If you desire a vaporizer with an elegant feel and a solid quality build, look no further than the Source orb 4. This vaporizer features a mouthpiece that contains a magnetic connection to allow more convenience for opening and closing it during use. Its body is made from durable stainless steel, while its atomizers are built from titanium for additional durability.  It produces great vapor and exceptional taste.

You won’t go wrong with any of these vaporizers. They represent the best in the world of vaporizers, producing the top-notch results that you demand.